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Air Freight

How fast can I move Overseas?

If you require your personal effects to be delivered sooner than it would be possible via Sea Freight, then Air Freight is an option (although will be more expensive). Air freight is the quickest method of sending your goods overseas by far, usually taking 7-10 days on a full door to door move basis.
Moving some items by air freight is ideal for those items you will require immediately at destination, allowing the remainder of your items to be sent by traditional shipping methods.


Airlines charge on weight basis calculated from either the actual weight of the shipment, or a minimum weight calculated on a set weight to volume scale (which is 167kgs per cubic metre).

Moving by airfreight is also ideal if you have a low volume or light weight shipment, with items that are important to your daily life and are needed pretty much as soon as you arrive at your destination.

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