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International Moving

Making a move to another country is never easy. Choosing a reliable moving company is crucial for a hassle-free transition. There are longer distances, complicated time calculations, mountains of paperwork to process, and many restrictions to bear in mind. Whether you are moving your complete household or just one carton of personal possessions, Alliance Movers can arrange the shipping to or from any country in the world.

Alliance Movers, along with our global relocation network in 800 locations in more than 140 countries across 6 continents which are carefully selected by us to make sure that the high standards of the industry are maintained, combined with our 20+ years of moving families to and from Singapore, we have the world covered with ‘door-to-door’ international moving services determines the most efficient answers to your relocation needs. We continually seek cost-effective alternatives and recommend these to you. We don’t just move freight, we help families establish new homes globally.

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