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Moving Insurance

Protecting Your Shipment

Moving Insurance (Protecting Your Personal Effects – Door to Door) – Situations can arise that are beyond our control whether the move is just around the corner or to a country across the oceans on another continent, therefore to give you a peace of mind, we would naturally recommend that you take up transit insurance during the move and also for the period your goods are stored.

Our specially arranged program which is known as All-Risk transit insurance coverage is available at a reasonable premium, underwritten by a large and reputable insurer specialized in transit insurance coverage for domestic and international shipments of household goods and personal effects.

All-Risk transit insurance begins the moment we start packing at origin location and remains in force until delivery to your new premises within a valid period. This programme will also cover your goods in storage at origin and/or destination for a total period of 90 days from the packing date in an approved warehouse appointed by Alliance Movers. If the shipment will be in storage for an additional period of time, supplemental insurance can be arranged which must be requested in writing and the additional premium paid.

The insurance policy that is issued to our clients is, we believe, the best available in the market. Consult our sales representative for more details/information, terms and conditions.

  • Transferee completes the insurance application, signed and hand over to our representative from Alliance Movers 3 days prior to the packing/moving date.

  • Alliance Movers acts as the coordinator between the Transferee and the Insurance company.

  • Claims resolution.

Note: It is important that you make an effort to value your ENTIRE shipment and that values account for REPLACEMENT values at the destination country. Undervaluing your shipment will lead to problems with reimbursements in claims situations.

It is very important for you to note that without any Insurance covered, our liability to you is limited as described in our moving proposal.

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