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The SurveyApp is a flexible self-survey solution that provides you with the possibility to do your own home pre-move-survey and gives you a clear view of the household that needs to be moved.

We offer the best customer experience possible and super-fast response times to your requests for a moving quote. It works directly from your smartphone and by making use of your phone’s native features and camera functions.

Download this free app to request your move quote with us. With this app, you can make an inventory of your household by using your device camera in a few easy steps and submit to request a quote. One of our moving coordinators will contact you after your request.


Step 1: Download the survey app in the App Store or Google Play Store.
Click on one of the buttons below:


Step 2: Login with your e-mail address and use the following code: 471557 to use this app.

Step 3: Submit your details and moving inventory, done and request for a quote!

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