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Moving Office

Whether you are moving within the same building, across town, within Singapore or to overseas. Alliance Movers Pte Ltd can take care of your office move.

Alliance Movers can ensure that there will be little or no disruption of your business operations while you are moving to a new location. Office moves need to be handled by professional office moving companies that have the necessary know-how and experience. Ideally, employees should leave the old office at the close of business on one day and start work in the new office at the start of the next business day. Professional business movers prefer to arrange moves after office hours or on weekends, to avoid business disruption. This helps to ensure that company staff will have access to critical items like furniture, telephones, faxes, computers, and records, when they start work on the next business day. Our relocation consultants will provide a high level of planning and coordination with your key staff, in ensuring minimal disruption to your company’s business activities.

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We have the experienced staff, necessary knowledge, and equipment to move your office, shop or business efficiently and with minimal disruption. Planning is the key to a smooth office move. We will work closely with your staff, detailing any special requirements, offering professional advice on packing and will endeavour to meet all the special demands set by you.

Moving can be a very stressful and tiring experience but our professional and experienced moving team will do everything to make your move as easy as possible. Our crews are experienced and courteous with fully equipped moving trucks and full line of packaging supplies. Let us help prepare for your move by assisting in the creation of a successful moving plan. Whatever your requirements we have a range of services to suit your needs. Get started by saying yes to Alliance Movers Pte Ltd.

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